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We are your custom software development company in Spain.

If you need to improve productivity and efficiency, what your company needs is custom software development.

We offer all kinds of solutions for inventory management and administration, logistics routing, sales programs for restaurants and retail, software for real estate and hotels… throughout Spain.

Haleteo Studio is here to enhance and scale your business to unprecedented levels. Customizing and producing software tailored to your needs will save you time and money.

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We help companies with their technological needs

Custom software development

If you're looking for results, there is only one software company in Spain

We create products that generate more revenue for our clients and bring innovation to businesses.

At our software company in Spain, we aim to provide SMEs with the technology usually seen only in large corporations and multinationals. Self-learning processes to scale your business project faster.

→ Haleteo Studio designs, develops, and maintains solutions that can have an impact through technologies. We blend our experience with our clients' ideas to transform problems into affordable solutions.

We control the entire software development cycle to ensure the best customer experience.

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    Automated Processes for Businesses

    Improve processes in your business with less effort thanks to intelligent software.
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    Solutions to Management Problems

    Solve real problems in your business with our business management software.
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    Cloud-based Web and Mobile Applications

    Custom software accessible from any device, our programming company will develop whatever you need.
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    Modernization and System Improvement

    We can enhance and add new functionalities to your current software development.
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    Software Integration in Your Company

    We not only develop but also perform complete system integration and explain its operation to you.
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    Scalable Software at Any Level

    If your business grows, our program will adapt and make you grow even faster. Trust the professionals in the industry.
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    Big Data and Intelligent Systems

    We base our software on big data and artificial intelligence. We develop self-sufficient systems that learn over time and offer better solutions.
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    Blockchain Technology in Systems

    Most of our programs utilize the technology of the future, blockchain. Token generation and end-to-end information encryption

Looking for something specific? The most demanded business software.

We can almost certainly say that your company needs custom software. Here's an example: You own a delivery company in Spain and don't know how to reduce costs, nor do you have any idea if your employees are following the most optimal route.

These kinds of problems can be solved with a custom management program, capable of learning on its own and always automatically offering you the best option.

Some of these management programs that have helped our companies and SMEs in Spain include:

  • Route analysis program for logistics companies in Spain.

  • Software for property management in real estate agencies in Spain.

  • Cloud-based point of sale system for Restaurants in Spain.

    We offer solutions for Restaurants in Spain where they can create orders from mobile phones, monitor the billing of the premises remotely, and issue reports on a wide variety of stored data.

  • Custom billing program for companies in Spain.

  • Cloud software for property management in Spain.

    Achieve the efficiency your company needs with this fantastic cloud management program where clients can perform check-lists, store alarm passwords... Thanks to its online function, you can carry your program on a tablet or mobile with internet.

  • Big Data analysis for selling products or services.

  • Systems for time tracking of employees at work.

  • Stock or inventory management program for companies in Spain.

  • Software for hotels and apartment management in Spain.

  • Software for managing staff, schedules, and tasks. Ideal for large companies.

If your project requires more advanced software development, you can contact our programming team to guide you through the process. Contact Haleteo Studio

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Clients from all sectors and industries grow with us.

We support businesses, no matter their size, in their optimization process through technology.


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    Real Estate and Agents

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    Restaurants and Retail

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    Hotels and Rentals

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    Online Stores

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    Work Teams


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    Artificial Intelligence

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    Big Data

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This is how we develop custom software for businesses.

  • Business Analysis

    We develop a guide on the requirements of the business and the functionality that the software to be developed will have. This part of the process is one of the most important as it forms the basis on which we will build the program's framework.
  • Prototype and Design

    We create sketches on the user interface and how it will look to the end customer. We work this part very thoroughly to ensure that the use of the program is simple, intuitive, and as fast as possible.
  • Added Value

    We always surprise our client with new features that will improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. These are final touches that make a difference compared to other software development companies.
  • Development

    In the development phase, we translate all the information from the previous stages into a final product through programming. Our team places great emphasis on the security and efficiency of the code, resulting in a much faster response from the system.
  • Program Testing

    As a final step, we conduct a complete test with procedure lists to make sure nothing is overlooked. We finish with a report on the software's condition. In many cases, it will be advisable to perform tests periodically to verify the system's proper functioning.

The advantages of hiring custom business management software.

  • You will have a team of professionals ready to assist you in every decision about the development of the program.

  • Continuously connected support to resolve any questions or problems that may arise.

  • Total unification: Companies that design their own management system unify all their processes and workers perform their tasks more accurately.

  • Adaptation to the specific needs of your business. The perfect program exists, and we can start developing it today.

  • Cloud software. Store all your data so you can access it from anywhere in the world on any device.

  • Save time and money in processes. Your program can learn from the data collected and offer you a better response.

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Real Estate

Custom Real Estate Software Development in Spain.

Real Estate Agencies

Real estate software developed to meet the needs of real estate agencies, real estate technology companies, independent agents, and their clients.

Our team of programmers ingeniously combine real estate and technology to boost sales, enhance user experience, and optimize the routine tasks of agents.

Are you ready to optimize your agents' work with customized software?

  • Data-driven real estate software.

    We design, develop, and optimize client or property databases to track and display information effortlessly.
  • Tools for real estate agents and property managers

    Intelligent solutions that make work easier for your agents and avoid common errors. Checklists, images of property conditions, and incredible automatic processes.
  • Real Estate CRM

    Provide your real estate agency's clients with a real-time platform to know the status of their property and the latest changes made.
  • Cloud applications for real estate management.

    We create useful multi-device tools accessible from anywhere in the world with internet access. Convenience, Efficiency, and Usability.
  • Real Estate Web Design.

    Intuitive user interfaces result in a positive experience and generate customer loyalty. We specialize in web design for real estate businesses that combine functionality and aesthetics.
  • Unique Real Estate ERP System in Spain.

    Bring together all aspects of your real estate business in one place, from billing to agent management tools. An all-in-one that makes managing the business more efficient and easier.


Custom Software and Systems for Retail and Restaurants in Spain.


Our clients trust our more than 8 years of experience in the retail sector, including restaurants and physical stores.

Restaurants and businesses that have managed to offer a competitive advantage over their competitors by establishing efficient sales and commerce processes with our management software.

Discover the solutions we can offer for your restaurant and retail business

  • POS or Point of Sale Systems.

    We develop POS systems for restaurants and retail at all levels. Streamline sales management in your business with our fast and smart programs. Ticket printing, employee time tracking, mobile ordering, and much more.
  • Inventory Management Software

    Easily and quickly manage your business' stock with intelligent functions that learn automatically.
  • Billing Software for Restaurants.

    We develop custom billing software for businesses, allowing them to control their revenues, expenses, and issue invoices from anywhere on any device.
More about our POS for restaurants in Spain
More information about our online ordering system


Software for Hotel and Apartment Management in Spain.

Hotels and Apartment Rentals

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Create entries in your hotel, manage rooms, and automatically send orders to your staff for room management. All from a tablet.

At Haleteo Studio, we believe that the foundation of a good business is efficiency and the ability to offer something better to customers. We must always seek improvements and optimizations to scale our company and reach more users.

Thanks to our hotel software available throughout the province of Spain, you will save time and money. You will be more efficient and especially maximize space utilization during peak seasons.

Artificial Intelligence for Hotel Management Software in Spain.

  • Control Panel.

    Organize all your employees from a customized control panel where you will have access to multiple hotel management tools.
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Our intelligent software can automatically detect empty rooms and send messages to the staff for cleaning.
  • Offer a unique service to your clients.

    Provide your guests with a system where they can request laundry service, room cleaning, or even do not disturb signs for the cleaners.

Discover these and more secret features by contacting our sales team.
We will guide you according to your needs.


Software and Programs for Client and Staff Management in Spain.

Staff Management

Discover solutions tailored to your company for managing clients with the most innovative and secure technologies on the market.

Effective management of our clients can allow us to identify consumption patterns as well as develop very useful charts and reports when offering new products or services.

Control your employees with custom staff management programs. Set up individualized portals to always know which tasks each employee has completed and what tasks are pending.

Organize your employees' work efficiently and increase productivity.

  • Eliminate paperwork and spreadsheets.

    Automate the entire process from a single site accessible at all times and wherever you are. Enable and block functions for each employee to maintain full control over your company.
  • Custom billing and accounting software for small and large companies.

    Generate invoices, save expenses and incomes. View sales reports, organize your employees, and much more.
  • Tool for job planning in large teams.

    Schedules, deadlines, connection between work groups—everything that will make you more efficient and competitive.
  • Portals for clients and workers.

    Offer your clients a customized portal where they can view the latest jobs or services requested. An additional service that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Discover what sets us apart from other software companies in Spain

New technologies are taking over the market. When new companies emerge with a disruptive technology or system, it's very likely that they will gain efficiency, or manage to reduce their production costs.

Now is the time to get ahead of the competition and develop your own management system that will enhance productivity and efficiency in your sector. Discover what sets us apart from other software companies in Spain:

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    We are equipped with the latest in computing and data processing technologies.

    We tailor all our programs, which is why we achieve a completely adaptable and dynamic finish.

    Our team of programmers will optimize each line of code to the highest level.
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    Our sole goal is to deliver a quality product with highly effective testing control.

    This ensures our systems meet the requirements and that our client encounters no issues when using them.

    Under no circumstances will Haleteo Studio offer a system that has not satisfactorily passed the software test, thus guaranteeing the quality of all our projects.
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    Privacy and security are key elements of our development.

    We create invulnerable and robust systems accessible to any company in the province of Spain.

    A cloud-based system with end-to-end encryption allows us to ensure the privacy and security of our clients' data.

Development of online stores in Spain with artificial intelligence, a big step for ecommerce.

At Haleteo studio, we have developed a series of affordable options so that any Malaga-based company, regardless of size, can sell its products online.

These are programs capable of automatically generating recommendations to assist users in making the perfect purchase.

  • Personalized recommendations.

    Recommendation of products in real-time to each user.
  • Big Data

    Data analysis to understand your customers and their affinity for your products
  • Intelligent responses.

    Smart purchasing processes that identify the user to offer what they need at every moment

Want to know what our clients think about our programming team in Spain?

Read the latest reviews from our clients who have engaged us for software development in Spain.

"The professionalism of the team and their experience led us down paths we would never have considered at the start."

star icon-La Rosticceria Marbella, Review from Google

"They designed a POS program for sales at our restaurant, now we can even take orders from the phone."

star icon-El pit stop, Review from Google

"Without a doubt, the best service I've hired in the last year. Attentive, professional and fully committed to my business."

star icon-Mantenimientos Aranda Servicios Pepe Aranda, Review from Google

"A person you can trust, who you can rely on to build a website that matches your company's needs and reaches the top local search rankings."

star icon-Personal Trainer Marbella, Sotogrande, Estepona, Review from Google

"From the start of the project, everything was as they told me and I am very satisfied with my system. The service was great. I recommend them based on the results."

star icon-Francis Espinosa, Review from Google