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This is our most important pillar. Thanks to innovation, we have managed to grow over these years in order to offer novel and disruptive solutions.

From idea generation to solution delivery, Haleteo will guide you through the entire process. Integrate the right technology into your business environment, making the most of your data and analysis.

Our Goal

Digital Innovation for Companies

At Haleteo, we've been innovating with companies of all sizes and structures to enhance and modernize their technology. We know that a competitive company is capable of outsmarting its competitors.

We develop tailor-made solutions, from your website to your point-of-sale system for businesses and restaurants, to complex personnel management systems, payments, inventory, logistics, and more.


We will analyze your current software solutions and how your employees use them, looking for workflow and automation issues.


We design a strategy and plan to help your company leverage cutting-edge technology while simplifying your software architecture. Then we will establish a dashboard to visualize this information quickly and intuitively. Data is important, but interpreting it is even more so.


This is the most representative step of our values. We will not only meet the strategy and objectives set by our client. We need to contribute something more. We know how to detect and develop added value that will make you stand out from the competition.


Maintain, update, adjust, and scale. Both the maintenance phase and the promotion and positioning phase (in some services) will allow you to continue growing and renewing your digital solutions.


Our guiding principles

We combine the personality and synergy of an agency. We strive to bring the best to our clients, unite forces, cooperate closely, and dedicate our hearts and souls to our work, and the results speak for themselves.


We all know that it's impossible to enjoy something you don't believe is your vocation. That's why each of us enjoys what we do. With that, no task is too big to handle.


We work transparently and value individuals who are honest, straightforward, or even blunt. It is crucial for us to listen to our clients. Therefore, we ask, listen, and act immediately rather than remaining in uncertainty.


Every project is an adventure for us. So, we delve into the details and create products we are proud of: products that bring value to users and benefits to the business.


We survive all of life's calamities by having fun. With good humor, we overcome all problems. There's no room for boredom or isolation within Haleteo. Instead, we cultivate an open and fun environment.


What our customers say

"Todo fantástico con el tpv, super fácil de usar y muy rápido, además nos llegan los rollos de ticket al local, muy cómodo!"
- Miram (Google Maps)
"Como proprietario de La Rosticceria Marbella, tengo que recomendar a la empresa que nos ayuda a creccer y mejorar desde el punto de vista informatico. Nuestra web, la conexion con el TPV (tanto el virtual de la Web, como el fisico en la tienda) han sido fundamentales para nosotros."
- Javier Robles (Google Maps)
"Les encargamos la conexión de nuestra base de datos local de gestión de compras mediante una página web, muy satisfechos con el trabajo realizado"
- Pablo T. (Google Maps)
"Profesionales y perfeccionistas hasta el mínimo detalle, siempre va un paso delante de tus necesidades. Realizaron nuestra web de NUVECLINIC en Marbella y continuamos colaborando juntos. Recomendable 100%"
- Cristina U. (Google Maps)

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